How to Make Him Chase You and Commit

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How to Make Him Chase You and Commit
How to Make Him Chase You and Commit

How to Make Him Chase You And Commit – Every woman wants to be attractive and irresistible. And I’m sure it crosses lots of women’s minds once in a while- how to get a guy to like you and to be attracted to you. Here are some excellent tips that will make him chase you and commit.

#1 Love yourself

This is THE number one tip not only for making him chase you and commit but also for reaching a good and fulfilling life. Only when you love yourself you can truly love another.

When you are comfortable with yourself it shows! Men are noticing it and they will appreciate it. You should always be at peace with who you are- whether you are overweight, whether you are too slim, whether you don’t like a certain part of your body- when you are comfortable with yourself it projectiles outside and make you much sexier and attractive to men.

7 Tips that will make you Extremely Attractive to Men
love yourself

So always strive to feel good about yourself! If you still have a certain problem with yourself that you cannot overcome and live in peace with- and it doesn’t matter what- address it!  Don’t neglect it and I promise you it will change your life for the better and with men in particular.

#2 Be authentic and real

In other words- be yourself and not somebody else! This is a crucial thing when it comes to men. As opposed to what one may think, men can tell if you are fake and trying to be someone you are not. It is much related to the first tip I have mentioned above. When you feel good about yourself and who you are, it is much easier to BE yourself.

When you are authentic and real, men will see how special and unique you are and you will become much more appealing to them. Always remember this- when you are being your true self you will attract the right men to you that will connect to you and that will share with you the same interests!

So be yourself, be authentic and real, and men will appreciate it and respect you for who you are!

#3 Be positive

Guys love positive girls. When you are positive about life, you show that you are optimistic and confident. This confidence will help you achieve your goals in life and also will make you a lot more attractive to men.

7 Tips that will make you Extremely Attractive to Men
be positive

#4 Don’t let him feel that he concurred you

Now I’m not saying you should play it hard to get. What I’m saying is that you shouldn’t let him feel that you are his. At least not until he shows that he has some feelings for you. When he understands that you are his and you are “mad” about him at the beginning of the relationship he will then lose interest. It’s that “hunter” instinct all men have in their subconscious. 

Men need to feel that they need to put some effort in order to achieve you. So, while not getting as far as being cold as ice to him, I would suggest that you should show that you are interested in him and that you like being with him but not cross that boundary to early.  

#5 Get a life 🙂

You should have a personal life other than him. Friends, hobbies, etc. You should show him that he is not always the center of your world and that you have other things to do once in a while. This will show him that you have a lot of other interests and that you are social and independent. 

#6 Be cool and free spirit

7 Tips that will make you Extremely Attractive to Men
be cool and free spirit

You should try to be relaxed and open-minded. If he suggests doing something spontaneous- for example, hiking in nature, go for it. Try to be spontaneous and easy-going. Guys love cool and free spirit girls and getting outside of the comfort zone will do good for both of you.

#7 Don’t be needy

This is a BIG turnoff for men. Guys don’t like a needy girl! You need to show them that you are independent and that you take the initiative once in a while. This will let them know that they can count on you and they will respect you more, which is a key element in building a relationship- in order for a man to fall in love with you, he needs to respect you first.

How to Make Him Chase You And Commit – To wrap things up

When it comes to being more attractive to men it’s all about your personal behavior and how you feel about yourself and present yourself to the world. It’s all about loving yourself and being positive and optimistic. This will be reflected outside and will make you much sexier and attractive to men.