How to Approach a Guy You Like Without Looking Desperate

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How to Approach a Guy You Like Without Looking Desperate
How to Approach a Guy You Like Without Looking Desperate

How to Approach a Guy You Like Without Looking Desperate? There is this unwritten rule that only men can approach women. In most cases, this usually puts the woman in a very difficult position. Let’s say there is this guy out there whom you really like and he just doesn’t seem to notice you. Frustrating right?

Well, obviously, your biggest dilemma right now is how you can get him to notice you eventually. Quite unconventional, but do you know how you can approach him? and how to start a conversation with him?

Yes, there are so many creative ways that you can use to approach that guy that you like. The world is changing very fast and you would be shocked to know that there are men who would really appreciate it if you did exactly that.

It doesn’t have to be as direct as a man would approach a woman but it needs to be creative and flirty. You remain the woman with the end goal of capturing his attention enough to have him take initiative and ask you out.

So what are some of these ways that you can use to approach a guy you like without looking desperate?

#1 Eye Contact and a Flirty Smile

Eye Contact and a Flirty Smile

Some of the greatest tools that you have at your disposal as a woman is your smile and your eyes. So next time you bump into him try and make brief eye contact and follow it with a flirty smile and then look away.

This is especially good when you find yourselves in a large crowd like a party. It is something that will make you stick in his mind long after you have parted ways. In no time he will come and talk with you or if he doesn’t do it immediately, he will make an effort to catch up with you later on.

#2 Compliment Him

Men love it when you compliment them for something that they are good at. It is one of the easiest ways you can do to find your way into his heart and make him want to ask you out. And the good thing is you can compliment him for anything. It could be his sense of style or if he is a football player, his prowess in the field.

You should take caution though to ensure that your compliment is not sexual in nature so that you don’t send him the wrong message. I mean you want a serious relationship, not a one night stand right?

#3 Pose as a Damsel in Distress

I have never met a man who is not willing to help a woman who was in trouble. Therefore this could be your best bet to getting him to notice you and start going out with you. It works best if you share the same space with him on a daily basis, say, you are in the same school or the same office block.

So you could pose like someone who is having problems with your class project or work assignment. Make sure though that the problem you pose to him is something that he can help you with and not refer you elsewhere. 

#4 Use a Mutual Friend

If you two have a mutual friend then your work is even easier. The good thing about this is that you can find out all that you need to find out about him beforehand. Something that can make it so easy for you to strike a conversation with him once you are finally introduced.

So you can ask your friend to introduce you two on a lunch or just set up the two of you on a date. Just ensure that once this is done you are prepared to capture his attention and sustain his interest.

#5 Hang Out with Him

Hang Out with Him

Why not invite him to that next event that you will be going to? Yes, I know this is quite direct and you will need to have a lot of guts to pull it off. But it is highly recommended as it comes with many advantages.

If he agrees to it, it will give you the opportunity to evaluate him and know whether he is really worth your time. On his part, it will give him the opportunity to see the kind of amazing person that you are. Basically, it will give the two of you an opportunity to get to know each other and see whether there is a future.

#6 Bump into him, literally

If there is an opportunity that he might never notice you then you need to create one by bumping into him. It can only work if you two share the same space quite frequently. Try to study his movements and get in his path in the most accidental of ways ever.

His obvious reaction would be to apologize to you and that is when you communicate your interest to him, not verbally though. You do that by smiling and giving him that flirty look. Chances are high that he will want to know more about you over a meal or some coffee.

#7 Strike a Conversation

Men love it when they can talk about intelligent things with a woman. So having a conversation with him about things that he is interested in is a sure way of getting him to develop an interest in you.

Although this can only work if you already know one of his key interests and you can strike a conversation easily without looking desperate. Let’s say he is an artist, and you love art and he is having an art exhibition soon. You can approach him and ask him more about the exhibition or his artwork and develop that initial connection. [Read more on How to Start a Conversation With a Guy].

#8 Help Him Out

Men really love it when a woman is kind to them. Therefore if an opportunity presents itself for you to help him out, you need to be more than willing. But this will mostly work if you have the same friends and find yourselves in the same environment.

Let’s say you are having a party and he is assigned a role, you can step in and offer to help him out. Or it could be just that work assignment that you know he could do with some help on. You will get an opportunity to show him a side of you that he has never seen before.

#9 Show interest in His Hobbies

Every man has that one hobby that they love to spend some of their time on. And in most cases, they are always more than willing to share it with other people who are willing to listen. So why not show interest in one of his interests if it will earn you a conversation with him or maybe a date?

But if you are going to use this to get to him, ensure that you do it in the least intrusive way. Let’s say football is one of his interests and he makes it very obvious, then you can use that as a conversation starter. He will not only be more than willing to take you through the details but he may invite you to one of the matches, is that not what you want?


How to Approach a Guy You Like Without Looking Desperate – The Bottom Line

It does not really have to be rocket science to approach that guy that you are really fond of. Just ensure that every method that you are going to use, you don’t overdo things. The key reason for this is so that you do not end up looking desperate in any way. [read more on How to Flirt With a Guy]

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  1. We often get nervous on approaching a guy. We think it’s all a man’s job. But in today’s world there is nothing called a man’s job or a woman’s job. This article will make your job easier. It’s a very helpful guide. Thanks for sharing.

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