How to Attract the RIGHT Guy into Your Life

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How to Attract the RIGHT Guy into Your Life

Ever fallen so hard for a guy only to realize later on into the relationship that he isn’t really the right guy for you? Are you tired of attracting the wrong guys and wasting time in the process? Want to know how to attract the RIGHT guy into your life?

Well, you are not alone. Thousands of women out there find themselves in a similar predicament. Luckily, there is a way to wriggle out of this misfortune and kick it to the curb.

Women are wired differently from men. When they commit to relationships, they dive in with both their feet and heavily invest their emotions into it. Men, on the other hand, are able to withhold emotions right until they figure out if the relationship works for them.

Other women find themselves repeatedly attracting the wrong kind of fellas; married, losers, bad boys, mama’s boys and the like. Sadly, some accept this as fate, hence settle.

If you are looking to settle down or simply enjoy the joys of a relationship, then you need to change your tactics. You will learn that finding the right guy actually begins with you working on yourself. With these few tips you can easily learn how to attract the right guy for you.

Be Genuine (And Let Him Appreciate You for Who You Are)

If you want a solid relationship then you need to be real with the guy right from the beginning. Don’t say that you are fine with something that you’re not, just to please or keep him around. Remember, you can only pretend for too long and it only derails you.

you need to be in a relationship with someone who accepts the REAL you and appreciates you for who you are, not trying to change you in any way. if you will show him the real you right from the start, you will end up only with the man that loves you for who you are. plus, you will not have to pretend to be someone that you are not- it is hard, exhausting and smart guys will notice it in no time.

Try as much as possible to be genuine with him even if you are head over heels in love with him. This way, he’ll know what you stand for and determine whether to pull away or proceed. There’s nothing better than a guy falling for the real you. If he accepts you then you can be guaranteed that it will last.

Be Comfortable with Yourself

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Be Comfortable with Yourself

The best accessory a woman can wear is confidence. With it, you can have any man you want and eventually¬†attract the right guy into your life. The color of your skin, nature of your hair, career, and all that kind of stuff doesn’t really matter. Let him soak in all of your perfect imperfections.

After all, they are a part of you. Once you master the art of loving and embracing all that is associated with you then he will accept you for who you are. How you feel about yourself will guide your man into how to treat you. [Read more on how to attract the right guy into your life in 7 Tips that will make you Extremely Attractive to Men]

Have a Personal Life (And Be at Peace With Yourself)

A little mystery is sexy and intriguing. Men are natural chasers which explains why they tend to fall for the unavailable ladies. You need to establish yourself before you jump into a relationship. Make sure that you are up to date with your job, your investments, and set goals in your personal and professional lives. discover your hobbies and basically be in touch with yourself.

This way, you will be able to walk into the relationship as a complete individual as opposed to looking for someone just to complete you. With such a trait, a man will gain respect for you and you will be able to comfortably walk out when the need arises. If the deal doesn’t sound good enough for you then you can easily bow out.

Be Positive and Cheerful

A positive woman inspires and anyone would be happy to be around such a person. With a positive mind and spirit, no one can bring you down. This way, you will be able to detect negativity from a guy and walk away before it’s too late. On the other hand, a positive person attracts positivity. Only an equally positive guy would make a move.

when you are positive and cheerful you will feel good about yourself and it will show. eventually, you will program yourself to see the bright side on things and not taking it so hard. you will also attract positive guys to you that will make also a good impact on your life

Set Goals in your Life (And Make Sure That You Share the Same Values)

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Set Goals in your Life (And Make Sure You Share the Same Values)

There’s time for everything in life. The more organized you are the better your life will be. Sometimes going into a relationship too early may not be the best idea. You need to set goals each and every step of the way.

Pursue a relationship only when you are ready. Do not jump into one when you’re supposed to be in college or doing something important. A woman with goals is sexy and considered a catch. A joker wouldn’t come close to you because you already intimidate them. Only serious and equally focused men would court you because they know that they can keep up.

When you have goals in life it means that you have certain values. things that you believe in and that you think should guide you and your surroundings. when you are setting goals for yourself and principles that you believe in, you will attract a man that respects that.

You should make sure that you share the main values that you hold, otherwise, it will be hard to sustain that relationship in the long run. so always make sure that you share the same values and your relationship with him will flourish.

Love Yourself (And Don’t Be Afraid to Be Loved by Others)

People lead by example. A man will only do for you what you allow him to. If you despise yourself then he will only do the same. Self-love is vital. Achieve your goals, hit your milestones in good time, honor your hair and nail appointments, vie for a promotion at work, respect yourself and let it show.

The only kind of guys that will approach you are the ones that are sure that they can love you the same if not more. You will attract a man that’s willing to add value to your life.

You should always strive to be at peace with yourself and love yourself unconditionally. you deserve that. because only when you love yourself you can truly love another. 

Let Go of the Past (And Don’t Let Him Judge You)

Everyone has a past so don’t let anyone make you feel bad about yours. You cannot change what happened but you can learn from it. We learn through experiences and this is what enables us to become better versions of ourselves.

You can choose to open up to him about your past or not. However, this is not a ticket for him to criticize you or make you feel bad about it. If you are comfortable with your past, you will attract a man that’s able to deal with it and grow with you.

Associate with People That Are Positive And That You Enjoy Being With

Only you have the power to allow people into your life. Choose to allow in people who impact your life positively. Keep it in mind that different people build different aspects of your life.

While one person challenges you to be a better career woman, another may color your life in a totally different way. However, ensure that the people that you let in are instrumental and actually make you happy. This is the same principle that will guide you into attracting the right guy into your life.

Believe in Yourself (And Let Him Believe In You Too)

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Believe in Yourself (And Let Him Believe In You Too)

Your mind is a powerful tool. How you train it is how it becomes. You may not have a great job, college education, solid childhood, money or even a supportive family, but that doesn’t mean that you should beat yourself.

You are in total control of your attitude. Believe and you shall achieve. Make it your philosophy no matter what, and it shall be a part of you. Make everyone in your life see you this way, including your guy.

You have the power to choose the kind of guy that comes into your life. Never look for a guy to complete you as it will not sustain over time. Take some time to work on your self. Instill what you expect a guy to bring into your life. Gift yourself with what you expect.

If you want a man that takes you out to dinner on the weekends, you may want to do it for yourself first. Set a pace that he should follow. Teach him what you accept and what you don’t. If you are firm and solid in this, only men who are sure that they can match up, will approach you. [Read more about How to Attract Men]

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