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Capture His Heart Review – Ever felt that you are not attractive enough? That you are attracting the wrong type of guys into your life? Or maybe you are tired from the dating world and from this endless search for Mr. Right who never seems to show up?

It doesn’t have to be like that. You deserve a man that will understand, love and appreciate you. You deserve a man who will passionately pursue you.

And you can achieve that!

Every woman wants to be in a good and fulfilling relationship and every woman wants to feel attractive and to be loved and respected, and also (and that’s not less important) attract the RIGHT guy for her.

And let me tell you a secret right now – the biggest part of your attractiveness comes from the way you act and feel about yourself.

It doesn’t enough to be attractive and alluring (and it’s not mainly about looks), you also should be able to know who is right for you and who doesn’t.

A great guide that I came across lately is just about that – how to become an attractive and confident woman, who also knows if the man she is dating is the right man for her and it’s the “Capture His Heartprogram.

What is “Capture His Heart”?

Capture His Heart is a Dating & Relationship course. It gives a lot of information about how to become attractive, how to talk to men, why men react and behave the way they do, how to know who is the right man for you, how to separate the right ones from the wrong ones, and more. The program includes four main modules:

Module #1 teaches you what drives men and how to use that to your own advantage. It also teaches some empowering beliefs that change a woman’s mind and attitude towards herself and towards men (and as a result of that, she feels good about herself and becomes much more attractive).

Module #2 teaches you all about how to become an attractive, sexy and confident woman. It also gives a lot of tips and tricks on the mental process (as well as on the physical one) that a woman should go through in order to feel good about herself and to be sexy and attractive. This module is quite comprehensive and with a lot of methods and techniques.

Module #3 lists different types of men and the pros and cons of each one of them and what you should consider if you are going to couple with each type. It also guides you on how to recognize and avoid the wrong men.

Module #4 puts more emphasis on the advanced phase of the relationship where you want your man to commit. It teaches you how to keep your man chasing you only and how to get him to commit eventually.

At the end of the last module you will find a comprehensive Quiz about your beliefs and your attitude about men, life, yourself and much more. It gives you a score that you can later compare to the results of the same quiz that you have take at the beginning of the course.

Obviously the descriptions above of the different modules are in a nutshell and you can find, in addition, a lot more tips and techniques on different other subjects regarding the dating and relationship phases.

What will you learn from Capture His Heart?

The program teaches you how to develop certain empowering beliefs about yourself that will make you feel that you are highly attractive and worth every second of the time and attention your man gives you.

You will also learn how to act with men during the relationship phase and what will keep them wanting you.

You will learn how to sort the right ones from the wrong ones and how to choose the right man for you.

This guide will also give you lots of tips and technics on how to get your man to commit, and signs that he’s the marriage material.

You will know whether you should keep dating, and how to know if you’re ready for commitment and what commitment really looks like.

You will learn how to invest in yourself and feel good about yourself.

Bonus Content

The course also has a lot of bonus content like:

  • How to decode a man and understand what a guy’s action mean
  • A full checklist on how to know if the guy you are dating is the right one for you or not
  • How to survive an affair
  • How to know if he is about to dump you and what to do about it.

And it doesn’t ends here… It also features a lot of mini-courses on a lot of different subjects like:

  • how to get out of the ‘friend’ zone
  • how to increase a man’s commitment level
  • how to enhance your sex life
  • What to do after a bad relationship 
  • how to know when to sleep with him
  • how to set up your goals and timeline and much more …
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Capture His Heart Review

Course Format and User Experience

The program is an online course and has a ‘member’s area’ that you can sign on to with a username and password.  All the content will be displayed there separated into modules and chapters.

Each chapter starts with a short video and you can read the whole chapter on the site or hear it in an audio version. You can also download each chapter in a PDF format.

Unfortunately though, you can’t download the course as a whole but only chapter by chapter. The program also doesn’t have any physical copies.

Each chapter comes also with a comprehensive worksheet for helping you summarize and apply what you have learned in each chapter.

Overall the user interface is quite good with all the related content being sorted within chapters.

Also the ‘members area’ shows all the products you have purchased (the authors have a bunch of other online courses also).

Who is this Course For?

Basically this program is great for women, age 24 to 65. Whether you are single, in the dating scene or in a relationship with someone. This course is for women who want to feel good about themselves. Who want to feel attractive and desired, know what drives men, and want to achieve a good and fulfilling relationship with them.


  • Very comprehensive program with lots of tips and technics that will help you understand men more, their motives and behaviors.
  • In each chapter you will find a worksheet that will help you to practice all the things you have learned.
  • The program is well written with a witty & fun language that you will find easy to connect to, and understand.
  • The course format and user experience are very good.
  • Well-structured course.
  • Lots of bonus content.
  • Comes both in a PDF and audio format.
  • Instant access to a membership area.
  • 60 days money-back guarantee if you are not satisfied with the program.


  • The program doesn’t involve solving marriage & relationship problems. It focuses solely on the dating phase, the starting of the relationship and the commitment phase.
  • Also, it would be nicer if you could download the program as a whole and not only chapter by chapter. Although it’s a minor thing, it may be important for some users.
  • It has no physical copy (but you can download the material in a PDF format or hear it with the audio version).

Our final opinion

Capture His Heart is definitely a great guide for a woman who wants to feel attractive and truly understand what drives men. This guide brings you great value for money.  It also incorporates lots of tips, technics and methods to achieve a healthy and loving relationship.

Highly recommended.

You can also click here for a great presentation about the course:

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Capture His Heart Review

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