Does He Really Love Me?

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Does He Really Love Me?

Have you ever been in a relationship long enough you reached to a point you started to think when he is going to use the “L” word? Are you asking yourself “does he really love me”? Maybe you have tried giving him little hints in order to get him to say it but the truth is he won’t until he will feel really ready.

BUT, when he will become ready he will start dropping very important clues that will show you that the three little words that you want to hear are going to come soon.

Here are some good clues for you. You don’t need them all in order to know that he loves you but if he starts using some of the clues in this list consider yourself a lucky woman.

He communicates frequently

When a man loves a woman, he wants to be with her all of the time. He will try to see her whenever he can and when he is not seeing her he will call and text frequently and will always try to keep in touch with her.

He tells you intimate things about himself

Usually, men are not that open about intimate and serious issues in their life but a man who loves you will feel comfortable enough to open up to you and share with you his personal experiences. So, if he talks with you about his goals in life, about a bad relationship that he had or about his childhood, for example, he is being intimate with you and that’s a good sign.

couple intimate
He tells you intimate things about himself

He agrees with you a lot

When a man is in love he tends to idealize his partner. And from his perspective, you are the perfect woman for him. He then starts saying nice things about you, both in private or around friends and also starts agreeing with you frequently. Everything you say sounds true and right to him. So, if you say to him that “women are always right” and he agrees, you are on the right track!

He takes risks with you

The men who love their women will take risks with them. They will go out of their comfort zone and be willing to do things with them that in normal circumstances they wouldn’t. They will also express sudden excitement over other things like skydiving, cake decorating classes, and trips to the library. So, if he’s said yes to going to the ballet on Christmas Eve, he is a smitten kitten.

couple holding hands
he take risks with you

He treats you like you walk on water

In other words- he treats you like a princess. He will do a lot of gestures to make you feel protected and secured. So don’t get surprised if you’ll see that you have a sudden knight at your disposal.

He starts using the “L” word in random conversation

When a man starts to fall in love with a woman he will start using the “L” word, not necessarily the way she wants to hear it, but he will start slipping it into a conversation like “I would love to see you again” or “I love doing stuff with you!”. So, if you start hearing this word randomly crop up, the “L” word is on its way to you in exactly the way you want to hear it.

He actually says the three little words

When he finally says the three magic words, believe it! Men don’t just say it to get someone in bed. When they say it they mean it!

Does He Really Love Me?
He actually says the three little words

Does He Really Love Me – The Bottom Line

When it comes to discovering whether or not a man really loves you, the phrase “actions speak louder than words” is the phrase that girlfriends falling in love should keep in mind. In a nutshell, you will know he loves you by the way he speaks and behaves in your presence, and even when you’re not around.

In most cases, we know in our heart of hearts how he feels, but women have this tendency to second-guess the feelings that are so clear. These tips are the little clues he is leaving to let you know how he feels. Letting him get there at his own pace will strengthen that love to the point where you’ll never question it again. [Read also “How to Make Him Fall in Love With You“].