How to Fight With Him the RIGHT Way

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How to Fight With Him the Right Way
How to Fight With Him the Right Way

Do you usually argue with your partner? There is always a feeling that comes when you are about to get into a fight with your partner. 

In fact, if a relationship has no ups and downs it has a high chance of dying. A person who has never been in a serious relationship may tend to think that partners who do not fight live a healthy relationship but this is not usually the case. 

It is easy to walk away when things start getting tough in your relationship, but walking away is not a good sign of true love. Fighting means you care enough to withstand all the pain and anger to defend your relationship. It shows that you are willing to do whatever it takes to come up with a solution to your problems.

It is not normal for two individuals to agree on the same things always and fighting means that you have come to a point where you need to discuss some issues to clear the air.

Fights in a relationship also allow partners to understand how they feel about each other. When you are arguing with your spouse or, he will tell you even the bad things that he has been holding back. Such outbursts only come out when you are having a heated conversation and as a result, you end up strengthening your relationship.

However, if you do not know how to handle your fights, you will never come to a concrete solution. It is therefore essential you learn how to fight with him the right way to avoid messing up your relationship completely. Here are some good tips on how to handle your domestic fights to maintain the love and affection in your relationship.

Try to Stay Calm

Calming yourself during an argument is one of the best ways of handling a fight. You do not want to lose control completely since it can make you act foolishly wrecking your relationship. Staying calm will also help you understand the direction your argument is headed. If you keep on shouting during an argument, you never know whether you are upsetting him more or you are working towards a solid solution.

Be Practical

Being practical is also sometimes viewed as being sensible. Sometimes you may find yourself fighting over small issues that can be resolved fast. It is important to avoid exaggerating such issues so that you can all have a breathing space and find a way of coming up with a viable solution.

In other cases, you may be arguing about serious matters such as money which is a major cause of fights in many relationships. In such situations, if you are troubled that your man does not have enough finances or he has become a spendthrift, talk to him in an orderly and practical manner. Try to understand the cause of the situation and the best course of action to take.

Offer ways for solution

During a fight, after you have identified a problem, it is wise to put across suggestions for possible solutions. You should not let him carry all the burdens in your relationship. The essence of any argument in a relationship is to find out where things are going wrong and rectify them. If you do not offer a solution, he may not understand what you need thus making it much harder to come into an agreement.

Acknowledge your own mistakes

Not many individuals accept that they have wronged the other person during a fight. If you find that you are the one who has made mistakes, it is good to acknowledge the mistakes and also go the extra mile and apologize. If you really love your partner, do not let your ego mislead you to think that your partner will undermine you if you admit your mistakes.

In fact, most men are weakened when their women apologize and will not want to keep on arguing. Admitting also shows that you have respect for your man, a factor that will make him even love you more.

Listen to him also

Listen to him also

Fights should be not directed one way. There are some individuals who have a tendency of dominating a conversation denying the other person a chance to speak his mind. If you do not allow him to speak his mind, he will shut down, which is a factor that is a huge threat to any relationship.

You should also allow him to talk so that he can feel that he also plays a part in your relationship. If he has wronged you, let him explain his actions. That way you will also be able to understand the status of your relationship.

It is not a surprise to think that you are on the same page and everything was okay previously, only to find out that he has been struggling with some issues with you. Allowing him to talk will also help you know whether you are the cause of the fight.

Keep it civil

No matter how irritated you feel about your partner, always ensure that your case remains civil. Never let your feelings make you commit a criminal act to hurt him back. Some people lose control but that is not a solution that will make you feel better.

Always keep an open mind when arguing and try to handle all issues maturely. During the fight, avoid circumstances that can instill criminal minds such as calling names since such things are hard to take back even after the fight is over.

Finish it in a constructive way

At the end of the fight, come up with an agreement that you both can live with. Also, remember to consider your partner’s suggestions. If the fight was about finances, you can find ways of increasing your incomes and savings techniques that you both understand and enjoy. Let the decision you come up with, be neutral and an actionable one.

Makeup sex can go a long way 🙂

Makeup sex can go a long way 🙂

Sex after a fight feels like your first sex with your partner. Sex after a fight also helps to restore the broken bonds, firing up the affection between you and your partner. You should ensure that you spend a lot of time together and do some activities together. This will remind you why you came together in the first place.

to wrap things up

Whereas fights help you to learn about the status of your relationship as well as helping you learn what your partner thinks about you, it is essential that you always handle your fights fairly.

Also, Let the arguments come out naturally and handle it with a lot of caution without holding back or taking it too far. The above tips on how to fight him fairly will help you control your fights and build a strong and healthy relationship. 

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