Five Things You Should NOT DO on a Date

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Things You Should NOT DO on a Date

When it comes to dating you can get very confused, and even frustrated sometimes, with the issue of how to behave or what to say during a date. Questions like “what to do on a first date with a guy”, “what should I wear” or “how should I talk” are often being asked in that regard.

While this is a very important subject on its own, you should also not ignore the things you should NOT DO, during a date, in order to make a good impression. Here are five things you should definitely avoid doing.

Being dry and non-cooperative

This is a big turn-off. When you are being dry and not so active in the conversation it simply signals your date that you are not that interesting. You should avoid that at any cost. Try to engage more in the conversation, try to understand the common things both of you share and develop a conversation around them. Expand your common knowledge. Those things will definitely help you to be a much more interesting person and will keep your date very impressed.

Dressing clumsy and unattractive

This is a simple thing you should always avoid, not only during dates but also in your personal life. When you dressed in a clumsy way it sends the message that you just don’t care and that you haven’t put the slightest effort to dress properly before the date. Now I’m not saying you should dress like a beauty queen but being self-aware on that matter will help you be the attractive person you really are.

Being shy and insecure

While being a little bit shy can be even sexy sometimes, on an ordinary basis it’s not sexy at all. You should project confidence and not insecurity. This is something that is true also in your personal life. Men are attracted to confident women so strive for being a strong and a confident person.

Talking too much

Talking too much can be a big turn-off. If your date needs to listen to your talking for too long and can’t say a word in between it’s a big problem.   

Being too cynical and judgmental

Being judgmental is not a good thing. Period. Being judgmental on the first date can be really catastrophic. Guys don’t like judgmental women. It sends him the message that he is not fit and that you are (or will) trying to change him. You should accept your partner as he is and shouldn’t try to change him. If you don’t like his behavior you shouldn’t be with him.   

Five Things You SHOULD NOT DO on a Date
Being too cynical and judgmental

To wrap things up

You have probably asked yourself why he didn’t call you after the date. Well, if you been doing one or more of the things mentioned above, this is probably the reason he didn’t call. The first date can be stressful sometimes. Overthinking it can drive you mad. The best tip is just to be yourself! Bring your true self to the table and things will be all right. [Read also “how a woman should act on a first date“].