How to Get a Guy to Like You

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How to Get a Guy to Like You
How to Get a Guy to Like You

A lot of women struggle with the question of how to get a guy to like them. Well, if you want to get a guy to like you, then I can assure you this is one of the easiest things to do. Let’s look at some of the approaches that you can use.

Be Genuine

In a world where we have too many double-faced people, it’s always a pleasure to find someone who is genuine. So the easiest way to get a man to like you is to be yourself in all spheres of your life. And this means being real while speaking your mind, dressing in a manner that is comfortable and applying acceptable amounts of makeup. Being genuine will also go a long way in showing him that you are both confident and comfortable with who you are.

Be Friendly

The first contact that you have with someone will go a long way in drawing him closer to you or pushing him away from you. Therefore, always ensure that your first interaction with that guy that you like, and want him to like you also, is one that is very friendly. And how do you exhibit this?

First, you need to consider your smile as an asset and so always flash it when you are in his company. Also, you have to ensure that you show interest in what he is saying by always maintaining eye contact with him. In case you have never interacted with him before, you can be friendly to him by saying ‘hi’ every time you bump into him.

Be Fun to Be With

Any man will tell you that the last thing they want is to be stuck with a boring and negative girlfriend. So a man is more likely to be drawn to you if you are fun and lively. He wants you to be someone worth investing time in. Someone who, at the end of the day, will leave him feeling very refreshed.

To be this kind of girl you need to ensure you are in charge of your own happiness first. Start by investing in things that make you happy in order to avoid the trap of depending on other people for your happiness. Also, develop a sense of humor. Do this, and when you finally hit it off with him, he won’t struggle to like you. 

How to Get a Guy to Like You
be fun to be with

Establish Common Interests

People tend to be drawn to other people who are like them. So it’s so much easy to get a man to like you by exposing to him the common interests that you two have.

For instance, if you know he loves art and you also love art it’s good to expose that to him so that you connect on that basis. Through this, you show him that you not only understand his world but can be able to both teach and learn from him. All this will make it easy for him to make plans with you. And in no time he will be deeply drawn to you.

Always Be Kind

It is easy to tell how someone will treat you just by observing how they treat the people around them. For instance, if you have a habit of being mean to waiters or people who you feel are beneath you, chances are that it is shown.

And this can go a long way in becoming a hindrance for a man to like you. Solely because he sees this as a possible treatment he will get from you. So always be careful with how you treat other people especially when the guy you like is around. He is probably observing you secretly so try to be warm and kind to everyone who crosses your path, especially him. 

You don’t need to struggle to get that guy that you like, to like you back. Just be yourself on how you carry yourself. Be very friendly to him every time you get to interact. Try as much as possible to be fun.

Establish common interests that you have and use them to develop a connection with him. And finally, be kind to him and to everyone around you. [Read more on “How to Make Him to Notice You More“].