How to Attract Man For Marriage

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How to Attract Man For Marriage

When we are talking about the dating world, it is important in a relationship to be able to take the perspective of the other party. What if you could know how to attract a man for marriage? What if you could understand how attraction REALLY works for them?

In another article “7 Tips that will make you Extremely Attractive to Men” I discussed seven great tips that will make you a lot more attractive to men, particularly in the dating phase (hint: it’s not necessarily related to being with the looks of Angelina Julie).

In this article though, I will try to elaborate more on that subject and I will try to mention some attraction keys that are important if you want to attract the right man to marry you.

Every man is different and will be attracted to deferent things and different women. Some say that man’s attraction is influenced by certain things that happened in his childhood- the kind of affection his mother gave him, his experiences when he first started interacting with girls, and so on. but still, there are a few commonalities that men will be attracted to.

Obviously, knowing how to attract a man for marriage and implement that in your daily life will help you get the right man for you and will bring you a successful relationship. So here are 7 essential keys on how to attract a man for marriage.

#1 He feels good around you

When a man feels good around you, he will most likely start to feel attraction towards you. This is because you accept him as he is and not trying to change him (which is a crucial principle for a good relationship).

When he will feel comfortable around you and that you really understand him he will be more attracted to you.

How to Attract Men
he feels good around you

Try to compliment him once in a while, be thoughtful, listen to him and understand him and he will appreciate that and eventually, his attraction towards you will keep growing.

#2 You bring out the best of him

When a man feels that you bring out the best of him he will definitely want to be more around you and he will keep being attracted to you. When you are making him feel confident and attractive he will be more attracted to you.

keep building his self-esteem and he will help to build yours. encourage him and he will be encouraging you. When you are being Supportive he will be supportive too. You will then bring the best out of him and you will be the main beneficiary!

#3 You forgive easily

When a woman is constantly nagging their boyfriend or partner over every little thing that he does or says, she will become constantly less attractive to him. When she expresses gratitude when he apologizes and lets things go he will become more attracted to her. This will also send him the message that as they go through life together, she will not hang on to the small stuff and will be easy to be with.

#4 Confidence is sexy

Men rate confident women as one of the most appealing kinds of women to be with. A woman who knows who she is isn’t afraid to go after what she wants and isn’t afraid to call someone’s bluff or call someone out is very sexy to a man.

How to Attract Men
confidence is sexy

This is not something you can fake; if it isn’t real, he will catch on very soon. This kind of confidence is the same thing that increases attraction in women. If a man is bold enough to go after you, you’ll find it sexy.

The same concept applies both ways. If you carry yourself in the world like you intrinsically don’t care what other people think of you, he will be very, very attracted.

Click here for a great video about how attraction works for men

#5 A woman’s smile has power

This is one of the easiest ways to create attraction in a man, and many women overlook this all-important rule. Women who smile frequently have active social lives because they are all of the above points rolled into one.

They are confident, prettier, easy to be with and probably quick to forgive if they are smiling a lot. A smile to a man you’ve never met before sends the message that you are approachable.

How to Attract Men
a woman’s smile has power

A smile to a man whom you are dating sends the message that you still like him and find him easy to be with. If you will smile to the man you want to marry you, it will signal him, “Everything is going to be okay no matter what we are talking about or doing today.” Women forget how powerful their smile is, and it is such an easy tool to use to create attraction in men.

#6 You keep being nurtured and meticulously dressed

This is important for both men and women. A man will not attract a woman if he looks looks sloppy and neglectful. The same applies to men. When you will nurture yourself and dress nicely, not only will you feel good about yourself, your man will keep being attracted to you. It’s a simple principle that works well both ways.

#7 Intellect

It’s no secret that smart women attract men. Read books, try to follow the intellectual and political issues that are on the agenda, expand your common knowledge. This will give you issues to discuss with him on dates and will send him a message that you are smart and self-confident. Always remember- Smarts attracts.

The Bottom Line

The bottom line with understanding how to attract a man for marriage is to not put too much thought into it. Overthinking this may well just backfire. Try to implement those principles in your daily life, not particularly with men, and you will develop an attractive behavior.

Smile more, look great without trying too hard, be easy to be around, forgive easily and don’t act like the world depends on him calling you back, and he will think you are too good to be true. As you master these principles, his attraction will increase.