How to Flirt With a Guy

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a girl sitting next to a man
How to Flirt With a Guy

The beauty of flirting is that it is not only fun but also one of the most subtle ways you can communicate romantic interest without the risk of direct rejection. And the best part is that there are lots of ways that you can flirt with a guy and tease him.

You can opt to flirt with your body language through a suggestive touch, a smile, and some eye contact. Or you could opt to go verbal and compliment them. Let’s take a look at how to flirt with a guy you like.

Tease him with a kiss

One cute way of how to flirt with a guy is by teasing him in a very playful way, especially if you two have made some steps towards starting a serious relationship. And one of the best ways you can do this is by getting close to kissing him and then withdrawing.

It works perfectly if you two have been out on a wonderful date and now it’s time to say goodbye. Just stare directly into his eyes with a smile then go for it and ensure you are close enough then retract the kiss and tell him goodbye. Sure, it will leave him confused but also constantly thinking about you which is just what you want! 

How to Flirt With a Guy
tease him with a kiss

Ask him out by accident

If you two have known each other for some time and the sparks are just beginning to develop between you two but he is reluctant to make the move, you can ask him out by accident. Yes, it will work perfectly especially when you two have a habit of texting consistently for long periods.

Just fire him one text that says something like “Going to a dance tonight, wanna come?” Wait for some time for his response then immediately after he responds pretend the text was meant for someone else.

Here is a great video for you if you want to learn more about the art of the flirt

Introduce some touch during conversations

One of the best ways you can ever flirt with a man is through the use of touch. So one of these days while you two are engaged in conversation and you are sitting side by side you can touch his knees or tap his hands in a playful way while you are emphasizing a point.

Ensure that your touch is brief, but enough for him to take note of it. This works perfectly if you two are just beginning to know each other and touching is one of those lines that you are yet to cross.

How to Flirt With a Guy
Introduce some touch during conversations

Compliment him for his features

Flirting is a subtle way of telling someone that you like them and what better way to do that than through the use of a compliment?

For instance, if this guy has this really wide shoulders that you obviously like you can compliment him for them and then ask him whether he is an athlete to keep the conversation going.

Depending on how bold you are, you can let him in on this fictitious secret fantasy you’ve always had of being carried over such wide shoulders just to see how he will respond. And to have a lasting effect on him say this with a sexy smile and some suggestive eyes.

To wrap things up

Flirting is fun but you need to be comfortable with the person you are doing it with so that you don’t end up sending some unintended signals to the wrong person. So ensure before you go out flirting that the person you are flirting with, is known to you very well.

Also, the good thing about it all is that you are not limited in the ways that you can do it;

you can make it verbal by complimenting them for their features, use your body language through your smile, eyes, and touch or even just send them a text to tease them. So have fun while you are at it!