How to Get Him to Notice You

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man talking to a smiling woman
How to Get him to Notice You

Imagine finding yourself in a situation where you really like someone, but in their world, you hardly exist because they never seem to notice you. Well, you will be surprised to know that this is a situation many women don’t know how to handle properly.

And since a woman directly approaching a man is mostly frowned upon, most women are normally left stranded to a point of frustration.

But this does not have to be the case as there are so many ways you can use as a woman to make the guy you are attracted to, notice you in no time.

Get an excuse to talk to him

Sometimes a man will not notice you until you place yourself right there in front of him and start a conversation. And one thing that has worked for many women over the years is acting as a damsel in distress. Yes, find a way that you can use to ask for his help directly. Unless he is a very shy guy, along the way he is going to initiate a conversation with you which can be a great way for you to get to know each other and set you two up for future interactions.

Make the same friends

Another effortless way to get a man to notice you, especially if you two seem to share the same social setting, is to make the same friends. The beauty of it is that after you are close enough with his friends, and he hasn’t noticed you yet, you can just ask one of them to introduce you two.

I love this approach as it will help you study him from a distance or ask his friends about him before you get to interact with him so that you know beforehand the kind of person that he is.

Dress to impress

Nothing gets into a man’s mind faster than the appearance of an attractive woman. So the next best approach that you can use is to dress to KILL. This can work perfectly in cases where you are going to be at an event, say a dinner, which he is also going to be present in.

woman wearing black dress
dress to impress

However, as you do this, ensure that your manner of dressing is respectable because at the end of the day you only want him to notice you and not think lowly of you as a person, which can push him even farther away from you.

Here you can watch a great video about men psychology when it comes to women

Adopt behavior that shows you are approachable

In most cases, the man you want to notice you have probably not yet noticed you because you are unapproachable. So get off your phone and talk to the people around you. And as you do that you need to smile more often. Nothing screams that you are easy to get along with, or approachable, like a friendly smile that flashes across your face just when he is looking your way. 

Stand out in shared projects

Every man loves a woman who oozes with excellence so you need to position yourself as a woman who plays at the same levels. This approach can work very well if this guy happens to be someone from the same class or the same team at work and you happen to work together on large projects that are made of big teams.

Just ensure that every time you joined assigned tasks to work on together, you are outstanding in your area. It will only be a matter of time before he comes over and talks to you. 

The bottom line

So next time you see a guy you are really interested in, you can try these few tips. Get him to notice you by asking for his help directly. If you share a social circle you can try and make the same friends.

If you happen to know if he will be in the same event as you, ensure you are dressed in a classy way. Also, be approachable in how you carry yourself and he will surely notice you and make a move on you.