How to Get Him to Kiss You Again

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How to Get Him to Kiss You Again

So here is that special moment in your relationship when things are just about to move to the next level. It really doesn’t matter how long you have been dating him, but taking that magical first kiss can sometimes (or should I say most of the time) be a  challenge. The good news is that getting him to kiss you AGAIN is similarly challenging for him just as it is for you. First things first!

When you really feel that it is the ideal time to get your man to go ahead and kiss you again, regardless of the point you are in your dating phase, the most important thing to do is to ensure that the grounds are well set. How do you perfectly set the grounds? Just read along to find out how.

Every detail in your playfield, no matter how small it is, will certainly contribute a lot to how successful the moment will be. Believe me, you don’t want your second kiss to be awful. Here is how to make the details meaningful.

Observe his lips

Talk of non-verbal communication. This is such an important gesture that certainly won’t go unnoticed. Here is what will happen. When he notices that you are looking at his lips constantly, his mind will digest the information and interpret it in the same way you are conveying it. He will be clever enough to figure out that you are more than ready to feel them personally.

Make him notice your lips as well

After you have successfully made him realise that you are looking at his lips, the next thing to do is make him know that your lips are also in play too. Remember, kissing is a two-way thing. Wear a bold non-sticky lipstick if you must, but add some few hacks here and there to draw full attention.

Wetting your lips from time to time, or lightly covering your mouth with your hand when you laugh or to act surprised can do the trick. You can even put your finger over your mouth on occasions when you are thinking of something he asked.

All these cues will get him to know where you want him to get personal too. Just don’t overdo everything. He will notice even the small gestures you will throw his way.

Hang around

On almost all occasions, men always know when something is expected of them. When he drops you at your house in the evening after a date, he knows that he is supposed to do something. If it has taken quite long and you have been dating him all that long but he hasn’t yet gone for it, then it means that you haven’t given him green lights to do it.

So what now? Hang around at the end of your day’s activities. Believe me, he will notice it. In other words, he will know why you haven’t dashed off already.

Draw near to him

Don’t just be some steps away from him and expect it to work. Kissing is intimate. Intimate actions take place when people are close to each other. This has two effects. It will reduce the pressure he has as well as letting him know how much you like being close to him on a personal level. He will try to do more, which is what you really want.

couple looking at each other
Draw near to him

Go physically

This is probably the oldest trick to make him kiss you. However old it is, it always works. a gentle touching now and then will show him affection and warmth. Eliminate the touch barrier. Simply go ahead and touch him gently once in a while.

How to Get Him to Kiss You
Go physically

How to Get Him to Kiss You Again – Final Words

However much you want him to initiate the kissing, he, on the other side wants you to make him do it. He certainly won’t attempt making the move if there are risks like possible rejection involved.

Because you want him to kiss you again, all you can do is make his work even simpler by conveying the right signals which will eliminate all barriers on the way and make him actually kiss you.

Gestures and cues are the best tools to use when you want to make him know about your plan. However, always know your man and you will be in a better position to trigger him into taking your relationship to a whole new level.