How to Get Him to Open Up

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How to Get Him to Open Up
how to get him to open up

How to Get Him to Open Up? Men, unlike women, do not like it when tables are turned in their relationship. They rarely speak about their emotions especially when expected to do so by their partners. Even when asked to share their thoughts, rarely do they do so. It is simply because men do not share their emotions the same way as women do.

This does not mean that they cannot share their thoughts, actually, they do, but in a much different way from the way women do it. Here are the tips that can help him open up without causing trouble or entering to quarrels with him. 

Be the first to open up

Men want women who feel safe and who entrust their men with anything when it comes to relationship issues. Hence, a lady who is open to her man is likely to reciprocate. As a woman, try as much as possible, to be honest, and share everything your man needs to know about your relationship together. Do not shy away or try to play the cool girl since he will still not open up to you. It is our human nature to respond back to the mood we are first exposed to.

Do not judge him

Do not judge his actions or reactions towards you. A word or sentence can really change everything in your relationship. Let him know that you love him as he is and that you are not trying to change him in any way, and he will in return give the same to you.

How to Get Him to Open Up
do not judge him

Listen more; talk less

Men like to be listened to. They like doing things in a systematic and organized manner. So, if your man is talking to you, listen to him without having to interrupt the conversation unexpectedly. Wait for your turn to speak or react to the conversation. There is a reason why we have two ears and one mouth; probably to listen more and talk less. However, use this skill carefully.

Give him time

Unleashing all your relationship issues immediately after he gets into the house after a whole day of work is not the right time. Welcome him home, ask him how his day was, let him shower and give him time to relax. Then start your conversation in a more friendly and welcoming manner that will give him the motivation to open up which in most cases will end up in a more positive and satisfying conversation for both of you.

Let go of the past.

Everybody has a past. This means that no one is perfect especially on relationship issues. Hence, constant reminders of the past about what he did wrong will not get things moving right. This actually will worsen things up. So, try to focus on the present and in the future of your relationship.

Activities rather than planned conversations will go a long way

No relationship has ever changed because of one conversation. If he knows you want to have “the talk,” or any talk for that matter, he will find something else to do. Take him golfing, go for a bike ride or just go for a walk, and he will relax enough to begin sharing with you the things you are eager to hear about him.

How to Get Him to Open Up
Activities rather than planned conversations will go a long way

How to Get Him to Open Up? The Bottom Line

When it comes to getting men to open up, women often forget that this means they need to talk less. Men will run from the very first sign of pressure, so learning how to navigate the tough conversations with your man, without showing him any signs of pressure, will be the easiest way to get him to open up.

To get him to show his true emotions, create a safe environment by being the first to open up and the first to listen when he takes this important step.