How to Make a Man Respect You

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How to Make Him Respect You
How to Make a Man Respect You

How to Make a Man Respect You? Good relationships are built on mutual respect, and respect is not something anyone automatically gets. You can’t force a man to respect you. His respect is something you earn, just like love is earned. A man will never truly love a woman he doesn’t respect.

Now, this doesn’t mean he won’t date her, or even sleep with her, but is he going to fall deeply and madly in love with her? No way! Love and respect go hand in hand, and making a man respect you is one of the challenges you’ll face in gaining his love and trust. so if you want to learn how to make him respect you more, just read these tips.

Wait for sex 

Men do not respect women who give it up too fast. The first thing they think of is that you are this way with every guy you date. Take it slow, gain his respect. Good sex is worth waiting for, and the longer he desires you without having you, the more valuable the prize and he’ll respect you for waiting.

Challenge him 

A man loves a woman he can have a friendly debate with. Express your opinions even if they are different than his, in fact- especially if they are different than his. There is a fine art in disagreeing with someone without putting them down; learn that art and use it in your conversations with men. He will highly respect your ability to hold your own.

Laugh at yourself 

Do not be too serious all the time. Always smile and enjoy life to the fullest. Learn to laugh at your own silly mistakes. Men value a woman more if she knows how to accept her mistakes. knowing how to earn a man’s respect is important. This will make your man love you more for who you are. Keep these things in mind and gain not only his love but his respect as well.

How to Make Him Respect You
Laugh at yourself

Give respect 

Be comfortable with who you are. You should act naturally, never completely change yourself for a man. Men have more respect for those women who know who they really are. Although men like to act like your knight in shining armor (and you should always let them be that for you), it is also best to be independent every now and then.

Be honest

Don’t start out on the wrong foot in a relationship by being dishonest. Once you’ve lied to a man and he finds out, it takes him a long time to trust you again, if he ever does. Just as your mom always told you, honesty is the best policy, even if it hurts or causes you shame or difficulty.

Pretending might work for a while when you’re first getting to know someone new, but eventually, the real you is bound to show through. A man can’t respect you if he doesn’t really know you, and upon finding out you’ve been pretending all along he has no choice but to lose respect for you.

Respect yourself

Be real. Take pride in your appearance, as that shows you have respect for yourself, but don’t try to achieve some silly standard of perfection. Nonverbal cues play a big role here. Nonverbal cues that show off your confidence, such as smiling, sitting up straight and laughing out loud, show him that you are comfortable with yourself and don’t mind displaying it.

If you don’t love yourself, he will know it, no matter what you say verbally to try and hide that. And if you don’t respect yourself, you have no business expecting him to either. 

How to Make Him Respect You
respect yourself

How to Make a Man Respect You? The Bottom Line

A man can’t respect you if he doesn’t really know you, and upon finding out you’ve been pretending all along he has no choice but to lose respect for you. Just like you treasure your space, learn to value his space too. If he wants to be left alone for some reason and doesn’t want to talk don’t be the Gestapo and hound him for an explanation.

Let him be when he wants to hang out with his buddies and he will truly respect you. Be a real person and a happy one. Don’t be a fake at any time and learn to go through tough and hard times with a smile on your face. Your man will respect your self-assurance and your easy nature.

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