How to Talk to Men

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How to Talk to Men

Are you dating a guy who seems difficult to open up? Are you just getting back into the dating game after a breakup and aren’t sure how to handle the “new rules”? Have you just come back from a date and are trying to decode the entire conversation? Are you want to know the answer to this big question “How to talk to men?”

Talking to men can seem complex at times for women, but usually, this is due to the fact that they are over-thinking it. If you want to learn how to talk to men in the way that your beautiful, confident girlfriend has nailed it perfectly, just follow these easy tips.

Listen more

Has it ever bothered you to question why we have two ears against just one tongue or rather a mouth? Does it mean listening is more important than talking? Food for thought.

A piece of wisdom to take away is that you need to listen as much as you talk. There is no better way not to miss the important stuff he has to say. Dare to go against this rule and you’ll simply turn into an unbearable and annoying chatterbox. 

Do something together

This makes just about the best starting point to strike a conversation. Whether it’s just a walk, studying, watching a movie, or even playing chase, whatever it is that you can do together, it goes a long way in simplifying the entire connection.

Moreover, men hardly sit down with their guys for the sole purpose of talking; they will find anything active like drinking beer or playing pool table to accompany their conversation. Doing something active together, even if it’s just a walk, will make it much easier to talk to him because you’ll have something to talk about as a great starting point for the conversation.

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do something together

Be yourself

There is already beauty and attraction in being ‘you’. Don’t, and never try being a carbon-copy of Angelina Jolie or Paris Hilton. Putting on an act to impress a man is like taking one step forward and two backward.

Be yourself! There is absolutely nothing wrong with slipping once in a while. Just like him, you are human too, a unique one for that matter. And if he can’t appreciate how wonderful and unique you are, then he is just not good enough for you.

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Be coy and graceful

Men have always been attracted to graceful and coy women. Now, don’t mistake being coy for shyness. So, be sure to exhibit these adorable traits while talking to men. Batting your eyes more than just once, twiddling your hair, and just having your own cute expressions makes you irresistibly lovable. He will want to spend more time with you, even when you run out of conversation topics.

Ask questions

A great takeaway from this tip is that people enjoy talking about themselves, and there is no better way to get a man talking about himself than by asking him questions. Start by asking him about your commonalities, then gradually delve into more broad questions relating to the topic of discussion. Not only does he get to show you how awesome he is, but you also get to know him deeper.

Let him lead the conversation at some point

You don’t want the first impression of you to be that of a control freak by dominating the entire conversation. He is not some suspect in remand being interrogated for a felony. Allowing him to take the lead at some point relieves a great deal of pressure off him.

Not forgetting, men like being the chasers and hunters. It doesn’t hurt humbling yourself and playing the prey for a while. In fact, it relieves you some pressure as well. He gets to do some work too, and you can relax, smile, listen and just have some fun. 

Be playful and funny

This is an ice-breaking tip. A good sense of humor is definitely a plus. If you can’t think of a joke, try looking around and comment on something you find funny. And even if humor isn’t your selling point, don’t shy from telling him a joke you know too well is flat-out lame.

As long as you do it with ease and go-ahead to laugh at yourself, he will certainly join in the laughter. Corroborate the laughter with a little play. This will make your conversation all fun and will send the message that you two are at ease with each other.

couple laughing
be playful and funny

To wrap things up

Talking to men doesn’t have to get any harder than it actually is. First and foremost, know that men are human too. Even though you don’t talk to them like you do with your female counterparts, they too have the same emotions.

Secondly, release yourself the expectations of always having perfect conversations with the opposite sex. This will lighten the burden a great deal. Lastly, be sure to follow the above tips on talking with men. Soon you’ll be the fun girl every guy wants to date and envy to your girlfriends.