How a Woman Should Act on a First Date

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How a Woman Should Act on a First Date

Dating! It’s a jungle out there ladies, and it’s almost certain you’ll get lost at some point. Don’t fret! It’s normal. In fact, getting lost is just part of finding your way. However, if you are consistently hitting the wrong paths, and you never seem to find your way back, then you must learn how a woman should act on a first date.

Something somewhere is amiss. Men can prove to be quite an enigma sometimes – you are pushy if you call too often, and cold if you don’t call enough – and after innumerable dinners and drinks, you might be tempted to throw in the towel and resign to lonely nights glued on Netflix.

There is hope albeit. Whether you’re freshly single or are considering getting back into the game after a wearying breakup or divorce, the following dating tips for women will help you seamlessly navigate the dating scene while taking charge of the situation.

Set your dating goals

Set your dating goals straight, and be crystal clear about the qualities you want in a guy. It will save you a great deal of disappointment and heartache that comes along with trial and error. By knowing what you want, it would be a no-brainer filtering out potential jokers out of your love life.

I can’t agree more that birds of the same feathers flock together. Act like a decent and serious lady and you will attract just that; a serious relationship-type guy. The vice versa is as well true, and fair; don’t take the serious guy for a ride when all you want is just a fling.

Love Yourself

Dating or not dating, this is the best favor you can do yourself. Love is two-way traffic. To get love back, you have to also show love. There is no way around this. So, just how do you learn to show love? Very simple. By loving yourself first.

If showing love to others is a challenge, try showing yourself some love and you’ll be amazed at how much love you will attract back. Not forgetting, confidence is a direct sequel of self-love. Which confident man – what women want – will turn down a confident woman? 

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love yourself

Always look great

This might just be where your “successful” friends are beating you. Men are largely deemed to be visual creatures. Your inner beauty is all in vain if you can’t spruce up your outward appearance. Trust me. In the long run, it will be worth your bucks investing in your wardrobe.

Stop being apprehensive and swallow that pride. Get some help if you need to. your friends have the best intentions for you if at all you had any doubt. Aren’t they your friends after all? Overall, the surest way to usher your dream guy into your beautiful heart is through stunning looks.

Start wearing lingerie 

By no means does this dating tip insinuates that you are going to jump to bed with every guy you date unless that’s your intention. However, wearing lingerie intriguingly adds a spark to your self-esteem, rendering you a focal point the moment you step into a room.

Count it as a little fashion tip that hyperbolizes your heartbeats with appealing confidence. The result?  You look sexy, and guys find it irresistible stealing glances at you. In no time, the confident ones will be seeking you out.

Don’t sweat the small stuff

Nothing would be more rewarding than quality time with your date. However, if you can’t get over obsessing with your unevenly waxed eyebrow, you might just miss out on his hilarious joke.

At the same time, if you end up freaking out the entire night, simply because the waiter accidentally spilled water on your table, you will inevitably doom your first date. Let the small stuff roll off your back. Give preeminence to just you two.

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Don’t sweat the small stuff

Put yourself out there with the men you want to meet

If you are looking for a short-term guy who doesn’t take dating seriously, put yourself where they are- at the bars, the clubs and dance joints. Not saying all men at these locations are like that, a few married couples talk about how they met their spouse at the bar.

If you are looking for a long-term guy, put yourself in the places where he is- at the tennis club, church or the bookstore. The point is that in order to date, you need to meet men, and that isn’t going to happen while you are at home surfing the Internet.

How a Woman Should Act on a First Date – The bottom line

Dating in the 21st century has greatly evolved for women and men alike. It can be a very daunting task, or a smooth ride, depending on your approach. If the latter is your wish, then as a woman, you can’t afford to overlook the above dating tips for women.

Know exactly what you want and summon the courage to go for it. Need I emphasize that self-love, stunning looks, and hanging out in the right places will magnify your chances of meeting your dream guy. [Read also “what not to do on a date“]