What Men Secretly Want Review

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What Men Secretly Want Review – There are some cases in the relationship when a man is pulling away and his woman doesn’t know what the hell has gone wrong. She asks herself what she did to drive him away.

Men are often emotionally shy. They won’t show or tell their partner how they feel. Instead, they will go to their “cave” and there they will want to be left alone.

And this is very frustrating to women. They want to know what is going on … What he wants…

The answer is that ALL men WANT two crucial things in the relationship: to be RESPECTED and to be APPRECIATED. This is what drives them. This what strengthens their EGO. This is what makes them MEN. And this is also what drives them MORE towards their woman and makes them want to do more things for her.

If a man doesn’t feel he is respected by his woman he will stop to feel like a MAN. He will lose his manly figure, he will crumble and fade away. And this is a sad thing. And also a death blow to the relationship.

If a woman stops showing respect for her man, if she emasculates him, if she judge’s him all the time, if she always wants to take control in the relationship and fails to show him her appreciation for the little (and big) things that he does, then it’s a certain her man will drift away from her.

In a survey conducted by the author Shaunti Feldhahn in 2006, 400 men were asked what option will they choose between feeling alone and unloved in the world or feeling inadequate and disrespected by everyone. Nearly 74% answered that they will rather feel alone and unloved than inadequate and disrespected! This is how much respect (especially from their woman) is important for men.

This revelation gave inspiration for the relationship consultant James Bauer to write “What Men Secretly Want“. A relationship guide that explains in detail this “respect principle” and how you can use and implement that in your relationship.

What is “What Men Secretly Want“?

What Men Secretly Want is a Dating & Relationship guide. It’s about how to maintain a fulfilling relationship with your man. It uses different techniques and methods from the psychological world that are both practical and easy to implement at the same time.

This guide is actually more than that – It’s also a personal development guide for the correct mentality any woman must possess during her relationship.

What Men Secretly Want is divided into two main parts:

Part #1 “The Respect Principle”. In this part you will learn the importance of this principle. The exact meaning of the term from the relationship perspective and how you should use that in your relationship. You will also find real-life application of this principle. This module also incorporates lots of deferent methods for getting your man craving your attention.

Part #2 “The Art of True Presence”. In this part you will learn the importance of “valued directions”. How to cultivate attraction. How to gain confidence and how to adopt the right belief system.

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What Men Secretly Want

What Will You Learn From “What Men Secretly Want“?

     You will learn –

  • How to maintain a fulfilling relationship with your man.
  • Men’s mentality, what drives them, and what is important for them during the relationship.
  • The Influence of Respect in Relationships.
  • Real-life applications on how to show respect to your man.
  • What men notice about their women’s appearance.
  • How to get your man to pursue you with more passion.
  • How to get inside your man’s mind and understand his motives and behaviors.
  • Some powerful technics like “The Art of Intrigue and Balanced Pursuit”, “Valued Directions”, “The A+ Mindset” and more.
  • How to reject any limiting beliefs that hold you back and adopt new empowering ones.
  • How to adopt a mindset that puts you in an empowered emotion of wellbeing, with faith in yourself and what you have to offer to a man.
  • Why men experience relationships differently than women.
  • How to go after what you want in the relationship.
  • How to cultivate an abundance mindset.

 Who Is This Guide For

Basically this guide is excellent for women, age 25 to 65, married or during the start of the relationship, who feel that their man isn’t committed enough or pulling away. It’s for women who want to feel desired again and want their relationship to flourish. The methods in this guide are also good for women in the dating phase who want to be more attractive to their partners.

Bonus Content

The course also has a lot of bonus content like:

  • Updates and ongoing support with a program called: “Beirresistible eZine”. It’s an e-mail series that will guide you throughout the entire process and help you achieve real relationship results.

And also access to three expert reports (after subscribing to their e-mail list) from some of James Bauer’s partners:

  • The 3 A’s of Effortless Attraction” – 3 powerful words to live by that will make you very attractive.
  • Uncover His Deepest Desires with Easy ‘Relationship Detective’ Methods” – a short guide that will help you discover what he wants most from a relationship. It will help you get on the same page with the man you love.
  • Why Men Shut Women Out” report.
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What Men Secretly Want Review

Course Format and User Experience

The program is an online course and has a ‘member’s area’ that you can sign on to with a username and password and all the content will be displayed there separated to the parts and chapters with “table of contents”.

You can read the whole guide on the site or download it as an audio book. You can also download the whole guide in a PDF format.

Overall the user interface is quite good with all the related content being sorted within chapters.


  • A comprehensive guide with strong methods that will help you understand men more, their motives and behaviors.
  • It uses different techniques and methods from the psychological world that are both practical and easy to implement at the same time.
  • Written by a man’s perspective and from his experience with his female clients as a relationship consultant.
  • The program is well written with a language that you will find easy to connect to, and understand.
  • Real-life and practical applications of the methods learned in this course.
  • The course format and user experience are very good.
  • Well-structured course.
  • Great bonus content.
  • Come both in a pdf and audio format.
  • Instant access to a membership area.
  • You also have 60 days guarantee to get a full refund if you are not satisfied with the product.


  • While this program is excellent for all women, single or in a relationship, it is still more suitable for a woman in a relationship rather than a single in her dating phase.
  • While this guide comes with practical applications of the methods learned in this course, it doesn’t have a learning/homework worksheet that you can practice and summarize.

What Men Secretly Want Review – Our Final Opinion

This guide is great for a woman who wants to feel desired and loved again. It’s a relationship guide and a personal development guide at the same time. You will learn how to develop empowering beliefs about yourself and how to attract your man. This guide brings you great value for money and also incorporates lots of different technics and methods to achieve a healthy and loving relationship.

Highly recommended.

So click here for more information about “What Men Secretly Want”.