Why Do Men Cheat On Women

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Why Do Men Cheat On Women
Why Do Men Cheat On Women

Why Do Men Cheat On Women – As sad as it is, a majority of women today can attest to the fact that they have been cheated on at least once in their lifetime. Interestingly, multiple women can also testify to have been married to a cheater as indicated by the depressing divorce rates that stand at 50% with cheating cited as the leading cause of most divorces.

Therefore, It is critical for women to understand what leads men to cheat to prevent it from happening to them. Recently, TIME magazine published compelling data compiled by Ophrah’s Authors to reveal the real reason why men cheat. This data had useful insights that can help women avert an impending heartbreak due to cheating. So why do men cheat on women?

They Are Not Happy In Their Relationship

A man’s emotional needs rank higher than anything in a relationship according to a survey conducted by Gary Neuman that showed 92% of men would cheat because of unfulfilled emotional needs. This poll commissioned by the Redbook Magazine and dubbed The Truth about Cheating observed that 48% of men attribute their unfaithfulness to unhappiness.

Most of the times it is not Intentional 

Nothing entices a man like a little attention and quite often when a man gets more attention from a woman who is not their wife or girlfriend they are more likely to cheat.

A mere flirt can result in an emotional attachment that will in no time lead to a full-blown affair. Unbelievable as it is, most affairs are a build-up of several unchecked acts of illicit attention that climax into the actual act of cheating without any prior planning.

Divorce Is Too Costly An Option

As much as divorce is the ideal way out of an unhappy relationship, it is too expensive for most men, and thus they resort to cheating. On the surface, divorce will only end an unhappy marriage, but on a deeper level, it can destroy what a man has spent his entire life building.

This is because issues around divorce like court battles for custody over children or sharing out of the property can be nerve-wracking for most men. Ironically it is the cheating that can lead them down this road eventually.

Grounds For Divorce

Though it might sound heartless, many men shockingly use cheating to trigger a divorce. Affairs make it much easier to get a divorce as a woman who is fully aware that her husband is cheating is likely to leave the relationship. Andrea Sachs refers to this as the Ejector Seat Principle for the way it accelerates the affected party’s exit from the relationship.

They Are Undecided 

Do men cheat as a way of finding out if they want out of a relationship? Yes, this is a possibility especially for men who are unsettled on what they want. For many, being in an unhappy relationship can be a difficult period as they become disillusioned on how they feel about everything. Thus they resort to using an affair as a way of finding out what they want and whether leaving an unhappy relationship is a viable option.

Peer Pressure From Cheating Friends

If a man’s friend has a history of cheating, then they are also probably likely to cheat as this improper behavior becomes a pleasant thing in their circles. Cheating friends are also likely to push a man to cheat as they make him feel left out of the thrill that comes with getting involved sexually with someone else and not being caught.

 As Revenge On A Cheating Spouse

It is painful for a man to get over their wife’s unfaithfulness. Surprisingly, most men who have been cheated on by their wives see having an affair as a vital way of getting back at them because it will make them feel the same pain they have caused them. 

To Get An Ego Boost

Most men consider getting attention from other women apart from the ones that they are in a relationship with as a great ego boost. To some extent, it ties into their being naturally wired to get thrilled by chasing other women and winning them over for sexual conquests. A simple trigger to this would be not getting as much attention as they need from their spouses.

Why Do Men Cheat On Women – The Bottom Line

Clearly, there are many reasons that lead men to cheat with emotional dissatisfaction being the key reason. Therefore women should go the extra mile to make their men happy at home to the extent that no external attention from other women will drive them to cheat.

Simply put, the trick is in being the other woman to your man to keep him committed to you. [Read alsoHere are 6 Reasons Why Your Man Stops Telling You The Truth“].