Why Doesn’t He Call or Text Me Anymore?

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Why Doesn’t He Call or Text Me Anymore

This is something that bothers a lot of women especially in the early stages of dating: “Why doesn’t he call or text me anymore?”, “Why didn’t he call when he said that he would?” and “Is he ever going to call?” There are many answers to those questions and not all of them are related to the woman at all.

Most men have their individual reasons; some of them are valid, some of them don’t make sense to women at all. Here are the most common reasons why he doesn’t call.

He doesn’t want to seem too eager

This is actually one of the most common reasons why he doesn’t call or text you anymore. This is especially true in the early stages of the dating. Some men don’t want to seem too eager to their partner and they want to give her the impression that he has more important things to do other than calling her.

They want to chase at their own pace and to be in control of the courtship. In this case, he will call, but on his terms and his timing. Women shouldn’t always think that if he didn’t call back right away something terrible happened. Sometimes he’s just waiting for the right time. So if you will be patient enough it will pay off.

He is too nervous or excited

Sometimes this is the case- he is just too nervous to call. He is definitely into you but wants to make a good impression on you. It means he is probably taking his time and thinking about nice things to tell you when he will call you.

He changed his mind or he is seeing someone else

This can be very irritating but sometimes a man won’t call back because he just not that into you or he met another girl that he is more attracted to. This is happening especially in the early stages of dating.

While it is wise not jumping into harsh conclusions, if you think this is the case, the best way to deal with it is to just let it go. You should think that this is his loss and move on. You deserve better than that.

He can’t call back right now

Sometimes he has an actual and valid reason for not calling you now. Maybe he is not feeling well, maybe he has a big project at work, and maybe he is planning a friend’s bachelor party, whatever the case is, it is something that prevents him from calling right now. When he will be free from his specific big task, he will call you back so try to be patient.

He wants to know first if you are interested in him as well

Sometimes a man is not sure if his dating partner is really interested in him and he is trying to see if she will call him back first. This is a little test for him to make sure that she is still interested and that he is not wasting his time.

It can happen if a man showed you that he is very into you and suddenly lowered his pace or become somewhat reluctant. It is not that he suffers from a split personality but probably a sign that he wants to know if you feel the same way about him.

This is for those who have been involved with him for a few months, or a few dates, and are genuinely confused as to why he doesn’t call.

So if you think this is the case, call him yourself. Tell him that you had a great time with him and continue the conversation from there.

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He wants to know first if you are interested in him as well

He is not emotional free yet

Maybe he just broke up with his former girlfriend, maybe he just went through a painful divorce, maybe he has problems at work or with his family, whatever the case is, it’s something that prevents him from being emotionally free right now.

The best way to figure this out is to just ask him about his emotional availability right now. Sometimes being straight and direct is the best way to handle that.

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He is not emotional free yet

He’s trying to figure out how much he likes you

This reason is for those who have been dating for a little while and are going to be taking it to the next level in the future. When he doesn’t call, what he is doing is trying to figure out how much he likes you.

Sounds a little counterproductive, but by not calling he is figuring out with himself what it is like not to talk to you all the time, and how not having you on phone standby makes him feel. If he’s into you, he will miss you and you will hear from him.

Maybe you have reached a point of progressing in commitment and he’s a little gun-shy. Not calling in situations like this would be his way of trying to sort it out on his own, before he has an actual conversation with you about it.

He doesn’t want to feel like he’s on a leash.

This reason is most common for those already in long-term relationships. Marriage, engaged couples and long-term couples experience this frequently. He just doesn’t want to call, because he wants to experience the freedom of singlehood on occasion by not having to check in every five minutes.

Why Doesn’t He Call or Text Me Anymore- The Bottom Line

When a man is doesn’t call or text anymore, it doesn’t necessarily mean that he is not into you. But women unfortunately always jump to conclusions and think the worst. A key principle to handle correctly with this situation is always think positive and assuming the positive thing- maybe he is too excited, maybe he wants to know how you feel about him first, maybe he can’t call you back right now for an actual reason.

So as you can see- the reason he is not calling isn’t always related to his dating partner. Often enough just giving him the space he is taking without jumping into harsh conclusions about it will make you look like the cool girlfriend he knows and loves.