Why do Men Lie to Their Girlfriends

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Why Do Men Lie
Why do Men Lie to Their Girlfriends

Why do Men Lie to Their Girlfriends? For most women, trust and honesty are the most important components in a relationship. A woman (and men too, believe it or not) needs to know that she can trust her partner fully and completely. Trust is an important character that all women are looking for in a man.

But the truth is that men lie. Women lie too of course, but for different reasons than men. If more women knew why men lied, it might keep them from getting hurt, and could even help them spot it sooner.

Men often lie in order to avoid hurting their partner’s feelings, so knowing why do men lie will make women feel more secure in their relationships, and maybe, just maybe, fewer fights will break out by the day’s end. Here are some reasons why men lie to their girlfriends.

#1 Because he doesn’t want to hurt your feelings

You can also say that a man lies for that reason because he’s trying to avoid a fight. If she asks “Does this dress make me look fat?” he can’t win this one, no matter how he answers.

So he lies. Many women don’t understand that it doesn’t matter what his answer is; if he is with her, he thinks she’s beautiful whether she’s wearing that dress or one of the five she tried on before it. For him, bullet dodged.

#2 Because he is not at peace with himself

In other words, he is ashamed of something- his job, his career status, his body, his social life, etc. whatever it might be, it is something that bothers him and he tries to cover it. This reason is more related to men because we still live in a society that expects men to always lead, be in control and be the head of the family. When a man feels like he is not up to those standards, he lies.

#3 Because he wants to build up his ego

This is much related to the previous reason. We all want to feel good about ourselves. One way some men use (and it’s a cheesy way) is to lie about themselves. Phrases like “I’m going to be making six figures any day now” and that “I’m a women’s magnet” will be thrown into the air.

That kind of lies might also occur when he is with his friends and he wants to show off. This simply goes back to the primate need of puffing himself up in front of other male members.

If women are around, these lies get even bigger. For example, he may tell the couple friends you are having dinner with that he can bench 250 too, and you may wonder what he’s talking about when he hasn’t been to the gym in five years.

#4 Because he’s just not that attracted to you anymore

As unfortunate as it is, If a man is not that into you anymore he will feel comfortable to lie to you because he doesn’t care about the relationship anymore.

#5 Because he’s trying to get out of something

One of the most common reasons – he is trying to avoid being caught. When a man has done something that he knows he shouldn’t have, the easiest way for him is to lie about it. Those kinds of lies will start to happen when there is a lack of trust and mutual understanding between the couple.

#6 Because he truly believes you might turn into a psycho chick if he tells you the truth.

This is something most men (if not all of them) are trying to avoid. If he knows you will going to make a scene out of it, he will not tell you the truth and instead, he will use a white lie or something.

Only when he will know that you are strong and confident enough to face the truth he will be willing to tell you exactly that. So if you want him to be honest about his feeling for you, you need to show him that you are a confident woman that doesn’t become a drama queen whenever you don’t like the harsh truth.

The Bottom Line

When there is a lack of trust and culture of mutual respect and understanding, lies will start to pop up, whether in order to avoid hurting your feelings, avoid being caught or avoid the drama. The bottom line is that men lie for self-preservation most of the time.  

If you want him to be more honest you need to show him that he can feel free to talk with you about everything and anytime. If there is mutual respect and if he feels that you are a confident woman that not making a scene out of everything he will then feel comfortable enough to share the truth with you.  

You also need to remember that men aren’t as in touch with their emotive centers as women, so it’s not as easy for them to just open up and give it to you in real talk. And when he has a history with you knowing that you don’t go all loco when the truth comes out, he will be that much more willing in the future to give you just that.